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Vestibulum id urna

Iskra Trading Ltd. was founded on December, 2002 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The main partner of this company is ISKRA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. It occupies the head office in Tokyo, Japan and has Representative Offices in Russia and Kazakhstan. ISKRA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was founded on March, 1960 and recognized as one of the biggest transnational corporations of Japan. It has 230 persons staff and more than 55 000 000 $USD annual turnover. ISKRA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has a wide working experience with former USSR countries. By the middle of seventies it occupied about 30% from chemical products, 90% from medical equipment and 98% from pharmaceutical products market share of Soviet-Japan trade. Due to the further development of trade links between Japan and Kazakhstan, it has been decided to create a new company ISKRA TRADING LTD. The main purpose of this company is to promote medical equipment and disposals of the leading Japanese manufacturers in Kazakhstan. At present, ISKRA TRADING LTD. is a trade and service representative in Kazakhstan of such well-known brands as Nihon Kohden (ECG, intensive care equipment) SONY (medical appliance), "Bio-Med Devices" (ventilators), "Meditech" (Holters) as well as official distributor of PENTAX, ACOMA, NAKAMURA, SHIMADZU, FUKUDA DENSHI, KEISEI, SAKURA, NAGASHIMA, etc. Our company kindly assist you to clarify what kind of medical equipment do you need taking into account your purposes and financial possibilities. Moreover, we have a well-qualified service group, which provides installation and all guarantee services. 

We are open for cooperation with the retail- and wholesales companies as well as private clinics and government institutions. Feel free to contact us.